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A small village in the municipality of Smallingerland, centrally situated in the Northern triangle of the towns Leeuwarden, Groningen, Assen. Rottevalle is steeped in history. Plenty of history books about the village are available in the cottage if you are a history enthusiast. Brouwersgrêft, for instance, lies within the old village centre and existed long before the village got its name.

Rottevalle is a wonderful starting point for cycling and walking. Walking straight from the village into the Mûntsgroppe enables you to enjoy the Frisian landscape. West and middle Friesland being the place where you'll find lakes, this part of Friesland offers a different side: a wonderfully varied scenery of small-scale landscapes with beautiful woods, wooded banks, meadows and ditches. For supermarkets we must refer you to Surhuisterveen or Drachten (6 km approximately).

Walking and Cycling

Rottevalle is part of bicycle network ZuidOostFriesland (a cluster of connecting bicycle paths in South East Friesland). At the end of Brouwersgrêft you’ll find junction 99. An unmissable route is a tour around De Leyen which you can find on http://www.route.nl/fietsroute/115089/de-leijen.
Using the bicycle network you can cycle in every direction for just as long as you want. A cycle map is available in the cottage, showing all junctions in this area (for Rottevalle you have to use number 99 as a starting and finishing point).

De Leyen

Nearby Rottevalle, less than 1 km from the village, lies the beautiful lake of De Leyen. This lake came into being through peat cutting, that's why it is shallow in many places. A channel is running through the lake linking up with the Opeindervaart to Opeinde and with the river Lits to Oostermeer and Rottevalle. In the summertime the lake is a favourite spot for young and old. Not only do windsurfers find their way to De Leyen; when the weather is nice the little ones will also enjoy themselves on the beach and in the water.

Water Sport »

LaDure Watersport en Recreatie

Walking through the village you will discover the harbour of Rottevalle where the river Lits ends. If you like water, it is possible to rent a boat or canoe from LaDure Watersport en Recreatie (near the harbour), and paddle up the Lits to De Leyen. If you have a vessel of your own you can easily put it into the water by using the available slipway. Anglers are invited to try different spots, which are all within walking distance.

Skûtsje De Rot (historical sailing boat De Rot) www.derot.nl

A 'skûtsje' is a historical shallow-draught boat, typically for Friesland. They were used for freight traffic until World War II. Nowadays they are used just for recreation and special regatta’s, taking place every year. 'De Rot' is the oldest still sailing skûtsje and has a permanent berth in Rottevalle harbour. She was built in 1887 and used as a market-boat for years between Rottevalle and Leeuwarden. In 2011 a few enthusiasts set up a foundation, called Stichting 'Freonen fan De Rot' (Foundation 'Friends of De Rot'), thus making it possible to buy this skûtsje and, after many wanderings bring it back to Rottevalle. It is possible to make a boat trip with the skûtsje from May - September. Please make your reservation in time, because of the limited room aboard.

Art and Culture »

Galerie Atelier (Gallery) Klaske Kalsbeek-Vlasma

On Heidbuorren 3 in Rottevalle you will find Galerie Atelier Klaske Kalsbeek-Vlasma. Klaske Kalsbeek (born in 1948), who did not start painting until 1992, at first started to express her feelings for flowers in beautiful water colours. Touched by nature, she creates her compositions of flowers, still-lives and landscapes gradually, during the process of painting. On five occasions she was awarded prizes during exhibitions in Friesland and a first prize at the Art Expo in Amsterdam in 1997. Please call first to make an appointment, if you want to visit the gallery.

Gallery B13,the smallest gallery in The Netherlands, since September 2014

In 2014 an inhabitant of Rottevalle took the initiative to convert a display window of a disused shop to a permanent exhibition space, to be used by amateur artists from Rottevalle, as well as artists from the municipality of Smallingerland. Every 2-3 months one or more various amateurs take turn in organizing expositions. Every last Sunday of the month the Gallery is open, while the exhibiting artists are also present. For up-to-date information please consult Gallery B13 (Buorren 13).

Openluchtmuseum/Themapark De Spitkeet (Open-air museum/Theme park De Spitkeet)

When you are in Rottevalle we recommend a visit to Themapark De Spitkeet in Harkema. De Spitkeet is a more than 9 acres theme park, which shows how hard the lives of the people were on the moorland in Groningen and Friesland between 1850-1950. The people were very poor and conditions were appalling. You can see various dwellings (some are called 'spitkeet', hence the name) and the conditions in which people used to live and work. It is almost unbelievable that this happened a mere 100 years ago. From Rottevalle the theme park can be very easily reached by bicycle. Ride straight on through Mûntsgroppe and after approximately 6 kilometers the theme park is on your right-hand side.

Food and drink »

Paviljoen De Leyen

Restaurant Paviljoen De Leyen lies on the small beach of De Leyen. You will enjoy superb views from the outside terrace, drinking a cup of tea or coffee. This is also a fine location for lunch or dinner. And if you want to top off a lovely sunny day in style, please make sure you are at De Leyen. The sun sinking slowly into the water will reduce you to silence…

Herberg van Smallingerland

Rottevalle possesses none less than nine listed buildings and five municipal monuments, each with its own story. One of these listed buildings is the Herberg van Smallingerland. ('herberg' means 'inn'), for more than two hundred years a good place to stay for hungry and thirsty travellers. The Herberg van Smallingerland may be a little more expensive, but you will have a really lovely evening out. The restaurant is part of Relais Restaurants, which stands for 'unity in diversity’' Working according to traditional methods, with local and sustainable products, is a distinguishing feature.

Café De Lits

For convenience food and a quick bite, we refer you to Café De Lits, a good pub across the street.

  • The towns of Leeuwarden/Groningen/ Assen are within easy reach
  • Near lake De Leyen (< 1 km)
  • Ideal for cycling and walking
  • Bicycle hire available (bicycles will be ready for you upon your arrival)
  • No smoking
  • Regret no pets

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