Tips for trips

Date Title Venue Category
Sat-28-04-18 - Sun-28-10-18 Leeuwarden Museum
Fri-01-06-18 - Sun-10-06-18 Oranjewoud Muziek
Sat-02-06-18 - Sun-01-07-18 Drachten Uittips
Wed-20-06-18 Drachten Wandelen
Thu-28-06-18 - Sun-01-07-18 Drachten Uittips
Thu-19-07-18 - Sun-22-07-18 Leeuwarden Uittips
Fri-03-08-18 - Mon-06-08-18 Harlingen Uittips
Fri-17-08-18 - Sun-19-08-18 Leeuwarden Uittips
Sat-08-09-18 - Sun-07-10-18 Leeuwarden Theater

Seasonal Activities

Go sailing with Skûtsje 'de Rot'
It is possible to make a beautiful boat trip with the skûtsje via the Lits to De Leijen, from May - September on most Thursday evenings.
Please make your reservation in time, because of the limited room aboard,
Departure: Thursdays at 7 pm from Rottevalle harbour. Price: € 10,-- per person.

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