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'Stee' means 'place', the name of the cottage thus meaning 'Anne P.'s Place'. It is a complete house, authentic from the outside and very comfortable on the inside. But take care: inside the property you will notice that this is a very old labourer's cottage. Many a guest will have to stoop because the door posts are very low. And have you always wanted to sleep in a box-bed? That's possible here. We think, however, that in the evening you will prefer the bedroom, with its normal bed, to the box-bed.

Complete home

If you rent 't Stee van Anne P., you will have a complete house at your disposal. A small house, to be sure, yet one with full modern amenities. The entrance is through the backdoor, where you will find a scullery with shower and toilet. If you go through another door you will find yourself in the kitchen and the hallway. Behind the kitchen is the twin bedroom. The staircase in the hallway leads to the (open) upper floor, sleeping three guests. From the kitchen you enter the cosy living room where the box-bed wall has a prominent place. If you like you can sleep in the box-bed in the living room.
The water supply is equipped with a water softener. This means the water is softer, reducing the use of soap, shampoo or other cleansing products up to 50%. Although not sufficiently proven, soft water is said to reduce skin irritations and eczema. You will notice after washing your hands or taking a shower that your skin feels softer.

Original characteristics

The box-bed wall is not the only thing drawing attention. Because the canal which used to be in front of the property has been filled up, the house has subsided forward. You can see this with the naked eye; it's a difference of as much as 35cm! The beamed ceiling is an example of this and the window frame too, which has been left out of square on purpose. But please don’t worry, the house won’t subside any further. Both the ground and upper floor are a 100% level, so it's not your fault if you see some more out-of-square things.
The front wall still has the original sash windows, which you can slide open when it’s getting too hot in the room.


Like said before, you enter the house through the backdoor. The enclosed patio and garden at the back of the house enjoy full sunshine most of the day. The minute the sun is shining you can sit outside. Children will have a wonderful time playing on the beautiful lawn. As we have noticed in the past two years, it can be very hot in the garden. That’s why we intend to build a shed with a roof covering, allowing you to enjoy the shade, if you are feeling uncomfortably warm. A good thing is that the house stays cool in summer because of the trees in front of the house. The dense foliage keeps the sun out. 


• Wi-Fi is included.
• A small TV is placed in the china cabinet of the box-bed wall
• At the bottom of the china cabinet you will find various books. It is possible to swap books: if you have a nice book you want to pass on, you can swap it for another one from the bookshelf.
• The property is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.
• No smoking is allowed in the house, only outside.
• Regret no pets.


  • TV and Free Wi-Fi
  • Fully equipped kitchen (including dishwasher and fridge with a freezer compartment)
  • Washing machine
  • Woodburning Stove
  • Enclosed garden with garden furniture

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